Coming of Age Day 2011 doodle on Google Homepage

Coming of age day , it’s a special day celebrated in Japan on second Monday of January .It’s held in order to honor those who have reached the age of majority. The day is declared as a public holiday in Japan. Coming of age day have been celebrated in Japan since at least 714 AD. Coming of Age Day 2011 doodle looks beautiful and colorful.

Coming of Age Day 2011 doodle
Coming of Age Day 2011( January 10, 2011)

Google celebrated this day by releasing a special Coming of Age Day 2011 doodle. It symbolizes the happiness and brightness of adulthood. Google Doodle is given a pinkish background. Beautiful flowers, kimono the traditional Japanese dress, zori sandals, tassels everything in Coming of Age Day 2011 doodle reflects the Japanese culture.

In Offices, colleges, association everywhere special programs are arranged to congratulate and encourage those who reached the age of majority.   Actually the coming age day was celebrated on January 15th till 2000 but as a result of happy Monday system it was changed to 2nd Monday of January.

The dressing style on the day has also got a great specialty in Japan. Most of the women wear furisode a type of Kimono with long sleevs, the traditional dress of Japan with Zori sandals. It’s a beautiful sight to see girls wearing this traditional costume and walking around .Japanese men wear their traditional dress on that day, a type of dark kimono with hakama.

The day is entirely dedicated for parties and get-togethers. Apart from parties the day has got a great meaning. It is a day to make those reached to the age of majority realizes that now they have got many responsibilities in life. They have to stand up a face the challenge of life. Prime minister of Japan and his cabinet , gives right to vote  when Japanese citizen reaches the age of 20.In Japan the age of twenty has got a great importance.

The day make every adult realize that now it’s time to move, face the challenges ,fight with courage a be a winner in life. In the Coming of Age Day 2011 also special colorful celebrations took place in Japan.