Colombia Independence Day Google Doodles

Wishing the nation on Independence Day with special doodles is Google’s style. Till now Google have published many Independence Day doodles in Colombia. 20 July is Colombia Independence Day, Here are top Google Doodles published on the day.

Colombia Independence Day Google Doodles
Colombia Independence Day Google Doodles(July 20, 2013)

Colombia Independence Day Google Doodle 2013

2013’s Google Doodle on Colombia Independence Day was special, apart from Google Doodle team, Algendro de Narvaez, Colombian artist  jointly worked with doodlers in designing doodle. Narvaez’s idea,combining national flag colors in canvas made the doodle apt for day. Mixture of shades of Colombian flag and Google logo projection in white color made logo attractive.

Colombia Independence Day 2012 Google Doodle

Colombia Independence Day 2012 Google DoodleAremando Villegas is the man behind 2012 Colombia Independence Day Google Doodle. Combining universal colors red, blue and yellow Villegas designed doodle, subtraction work or style in used by Villegas in design of doodle.

Apart from a simple doodle, this image makes Colombians think for a while about Colombia’s struggle for Independence led by Simon Bolivar 200 years ago. In official Google Doodle page, experience and idea behind this historic doodle is narrated. Present, past and future is depicted using colors in it, also, inclusion of humming birds in doodle points to liberty.

Colombia Independence Day 2011 Google Doodle

Colombia Independence Day 2012 Google DoodleThis was the third Independence Day doodle for Colombia by search giant, Google. In the Google Doodle, the freedom Colombia attained on 1810, symbolically featured by flying butterflies. You can also notice a small change in logo alphabet ‘l’ color. Claudia Rueida is the designer of Doodle.

Colombia Independence Day 2009 Google Doodle

Colombia Independence Day Google Doodle 2009A beautiful doodle, including importance of national flag on national day made the doodle design of the year. 2009 Colombia doodle for independence have no much decoration apart from a flying tricolor national flag.

It’s in 1863, year after gaining Independence national flag of the country designed as it is seen now. Three colors in the flag, yellow representing gold, blue pointing sea and red the sacrifice of independence fighter shedding their blood.

Colombia Independence Day 2008 Google Doodle

Colombia Independence Day Google Doodle 2008In the 2008 Colombia doodle too, you can see the national flag. To make the doodle apt for Independence, a white dove which symbolizes peace is added in doodle.

Day of Independence is a most important day for Colombians. Their celebrate it in best way every year, Google Doodles is also now a part of celebration. All Colombian Google users are wished Happy Independence with these doodles. So, we can expect a differed and good doodle for Colombia Independence Day 2014 too.