Colombia Independence Day 2014 Google Doodle

Sunday’s Google Doodle in Colombia wishes Happy Independence Day to the nation. It’s the 204th Independence Day Colombians celebrating on 2014.

colombia independence day 2014 google doodle
colombia independence day 2014 google doodle(July 20, 2014)

As you can see, Google Doodle for 2014 Independence day includes major part in Colombian flags tricolor. Jorge Riveros is the artist behind this Google doodle.

With National flag, leaders and symbols of independence day, Google have published their doodles on previous Colombia Independence Days.

Colombia Independence Day History

Colombia gained independence from Spain in 1810, July 20 ; though it was recognized on 1819 under leadership of General Simon Bolivar. It was after blood shed and fight of years Colombia got freedom and liberty as they enjoy today.

Incident at Santa Fe de Bogota, on July 20, 1810 commemorated as Independence Day of country every year. It’s on 1810, Napoleon overthrew King of Spain from his position and some of the places established an Independent government, but war for complete freedom continued and under leadership of General Simon Bolivar, 1819 August 7, at the end of Battle of Boyaca defeated royalist forces and gained freedom.

The national hero Simon Bolivar became President of Colombia. Google have featured this great Independence fighter in their doodle on 2012 Colombia Independence Day.

Colombia Independence Day 2014 events and public life

Colombians celebrate Independence Day with fun, festivities and patriotism. In most of the place, parades and decoration with Colombian tricolor national flag will be seen on the day. People over Colombia come out to streets and gather together for Independence Day celebration and parties.

Wishes of Independence Day is flowing to the country. On 18th July itself , US secretory John Kerry send the greeting message to Colombia , in message it said:

On behalf of US President and people, I send my best wishes to all Colombians as they celebrate Independence Day on 20 July.In message John Kerry added about the relation of US Colombian relationship,their mutual respect and cooperation in environmental protection, entrepreneurship,renewable energy and academic mobility. Kerry also mentioned about his experience in Colombian trip last August. He appreciated Colombians hard work and  will to work for Children and grand children.

Programs starts from morning parade and continues with party, fun, dance and music concerts. Fire work and Parade at Capital Bogota is  witnessed by large crowd every year. Arepas, Bandeja Paisa, Empanadas, Latin Tapas are cuisines enjoyed by Colombians on the day.