Colombia Independence Day 2013 doodle on 203rd Anniversary

Colombia Independence Day doodle 2013 appeared on the Google homepage on July 20, 2013. It is the 203rd anniversary of independence of Colombia.

Colombia Independence Day 2013 doodle
Colombia Independence Day 2013 (July 20, 2013)

The doodle we can see on the homepage of Colombia decorated with a great mix of colors. Colombia Independence Day 2013 Google doodle  is designed by Algendro de Narvaez. We can see his sense of colors and way that he express the colors in the doodle very clearly.Google logo is included in the doodle in a different way as if it project from the colors.

Colombian independence movement began on july 20 of 1810. People of Bagota protested against the Spanish rule on the day. They claimed that Spanish leaders were rude and didn’t even gave any consideration for their rights. People of Bagota walked around the streets and protested against them.

Colombia Flag
Colombia Flag[Image Credit :ehow]
There were many patriots  to guide them in the riot and they lead the people of Bagota to the main square where they asked to have an open meeting to submit their needs in front of Spanish administrative.

After a series of incidents Spanish Viceroy Amar Y Borbon was forced to sign the agreement to elect the temporary council. This temporary council that formed on that day was the step for the formation of independent Colombia.

The entire geographical regions of Colombia is divided in to six divisions including many mountains, forests and water resources.Colombia has rich naturally beautiful places, we can see a large number of tourist flowing to the country every year.

Colombian people celebrates the Independence Day every year with grand programs. In the year 2013 also many celebrations are organized all around the country. Google also took part with the happiness of Colombians with Colombia Independence Day 2013 doodle.