Claude Monet 161st Birthday Google Doodle

Claude Monet’s Birthday was celebrated by Google with the release of special doodle in honor to him .It was his 161st Birthday. He was born on 14th November 1840. Artistic works that got birth from his mind was extraordinary and new to that generation. He was a well-known artist of his time. Beauty of his is paintings don’t have any substitutes.

Claude Monet 161st Birthday Google Doodle
Claude Monet’s 161st Birthday(November 14, 2001)

Google doodle published on his birthday was designed with a variety. The logo alphabets are designed as it is written with paint. Doodle also included beautiful water lilies inspired from one of his famous painting. Claude Monet’s paintings always related nature in some aspect .Claude Monet 161st Birthday Google Doodle on this day also included the beauty of nature as it was specially designed to honor him.

Claude Monet’s Life and works

Claude Monet was born in Paris. Adolphe Monet and Louise Justine are his parents. As he was found of studying arts he studied art from Le Harve secondary school. When he was sixteen his mother died and he lived with his widowed aunt Marie Jeanne Lecarde. Marie was a childless woman and took care of him as her child.

During his life time he was influenced by many famous artists. Johan Jong kind, Eugene Boudin and Gustave Corbet influenced him a lot when he entered in to the artistic career. Gustave Caillebotte, Earnest Hoschede and Georges Clemenceau are some others who came in to his life and taught him several lessons of art. They were the patrons of him in his way of artistic life.

Claude Monet’s paintings have several specialties while comparing with other artists works of his time. Claude Monet drew what he saw while many of others copied what their masters had drawn. Monet’s painting is mainly inspired by nature. Nature and his beauty had become theme of his painting works many times. He is known as an impressionist artist. His paintings reflected real beauty of nature. Monet is a person who loved nature and its beauty and captured it in his work with all sincerity. A viewer can easily understand how much he loved nature from his works.

Claude Monet by himself
Claude Monet by himself
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Claude also had faced many problems in his life as an artist. Paintings of Monet were denied from giving authorization for its inclusion in royal academy exhibition. But he continued his work and reached up to the level in which what we have seen. During the period 1871 to 1874 he painted many of his best painting including ‘Impressionism, The sunrise’. It depicted a landscape of Le Harve. This painting is now exhibited in the Musee Marmottan Monet.

In the year 1870 he got married to Camille Doncieux. During this time he created many paintings on modern life. Camillie became ill in 1876 and after the birth of their second son her health condition moved in to verse condition and she died in the year of 1879.

He had gone through many difficult months after the death of his beloved wife. Then he and his family returned to Giverny.There he had a studio, house with beautiful garden and acres of land. In his place there he had a beautiful pond with water lilies in it. The entire place was naturally decorated in a beautiful and colorful way. Gardens, ponds bridges, blossomed flowers, spacious and clean atmosphere with sunlight glittering through silent water everything made the way for the creation of best works from him.

Some of the famous works of Claude Monet are The Liddens of poissy ,Impression-The Sunrise ,The manneport ,Still life with Annemons,Oat and poppy fields ,The port cotton pyramids ,The scene at Givenry,Women in the garden,Bridge over pont of water lilies ,The flowering Garden. It was at the time 1880 to till the end of his life when he was in Givenry the best of his paintings got birth.

He died in 1926 December 5th due to lung cancer. His house in Givenry where many of his artistic work got birth was bequeathed to ‘French fine arts academy’ in 1966 by his second son Michael. Now it is one of the main tourist places there. His several paintings are sold for millions of dollars after his death.

His paintings show the world how beautiful is the nature and its surroundings. Google also honors his talent in the best way by the release of this unique and special doodle.