Claude Lévi Strauss Birthday Google Doodle

28 November, 2013, Google marked Birthday of Claude Lévi Strauss with a Doodle. It’s 105th birthday of Claude Strauss celebrated with the doodle.

Claude Lévi Strauss Birthday Google Doodle
Claude Lévi Strauss Birthday Google Doodle(November 28, 2013)

Claude Strauss, born 28 November 1908,  was a famous anthropologist and ethnologist of his time. Infact, Strauss was known to be the father of modern anthropology in France, in his birth place. In the Google Doodle for Strauss, you can see double portrait of him, one side depicting young Strauss in Brazil , as a field researcher and next half depicting his old age as a anthropologist  and ethnologist.

The doodle was visible for French users. Apart from the inclusion of his image in place of Google logo alphabet Os, all other alphabets are included in its original style with a change in font color.  Strauss contributed a lot to structural anthropology during his life time.

He was honored with many awards and tittles in his 100 years of life. He was told be the “best ethnologist of all time” by French President Nicolas Sarkozhy.

Strauss faced criticisms also for his anthropological theories and findings. At the same time most of his findings and theories were globally accepted. Strauss became Académie française member in 1973 and he continued to be the member till his death on 2009, October 30th, 4 days before his 101st birthday.

Tristes Tropiques, the book containing most of Strauss findings and travel records, written by Strauss itself is widely accepted as one of great books of 20th century.

Google Doodle marked Claude Strauss birthday with this doodle and introduced him to thousands of French citizens who are unaware of Strauss and his works and also, for those who admire him , this doodle gives the way to know more about him by clicking on it and moving on to his search page.