Clara Campoamor’s 126th birthday Google Doodle

Google will publish Clara Campoamor’s 126th birthday Doodle on the homepage of Spain on 12th February.  Clara Campoamor was a popular politician and feminist of the country.

Clara Campoamor's 126th birthday Google Doodle
Clara Campoamor’s 126th birthday Google Doodle (February 12, 2014)

Within Clara Campoamor’s birthday Google Doodle you can see that Google put a beautiful portrait of speech Clara Campoamor, which she addressed in 1931 as a house of representative. You can also see the audience and official logo in color within this birthday Google Doodle.

Other than a popular Spanish politician Clara Campoamor also known for her support for woman rights activities. She also plays a major role in writing of Spanish constitution in the year 1931, for right of womens.

“You have the gave you the law., the law did you do, but you have no natural law, the fundamental law is based on respect for all human beings, and what you do is wield power, let the women manifest and see how that power you can not follow detentendolo…”Clara Campoamor said as house of representative, On October 1, 1931.

Clara Campoamor showed her commitment towards works from childhood days itself, at the age of 13 she began to earn money by sewing. Later she worked in a number of political sections and showed her leadership power. Clara Campoamor also holds degree from law school at University of Madrid.

Clara Campoamor also showed power of woman in the society by working in a number of woman organizations. In 1931 she elected for Spanish constituent assembly, as by her advocacy the political leaders assured the equality men and women in the society.