Cinecittà’s 77 anniversary Google Doodle

Monday’s doodle in UK  homepage of search giant showcased 77th anniversary of famous Roman studio Cinecittà. It’s in 1937, Benito Mussolini founded this Studio which later became a historic symbol of film industry.

Cinecittà's 77 anniversary Google Doodle
Cinecittà’s 77 anniversary Google Doodle(April 28, 2014)

‘Cinema is the most powerful weapon’ , this slogan motivated the construction of this studio.  Cinecittà became the location for many epic Hollywood films. In the Google Doodle you can logo alphabets replaced with mock up’s from movies filmed in the studio, also it includes images of artists and director busy in shooting.

During Second World War, Cinecittà studio was damaged due to some war cause and was reopened for film making in 1950’s. In 1950’s major film productions got attracted to this 100 acre studio. ‘Hollywood on the Tiber’ , Cinecittà became most successful studio of 1950’s.

Helen of Troy, Cleopatra, BenHur, The Agony and the Ecstasy, Romeo and Juliet are some of the notable production done in the studio. BBC ,HBO and many other TV Productions also have took series making set in the studio. Fellini said about the Cinecittà ‘It’s my ideal world, the cosmic space before the big bang’.

Today also this studio is one among the finest studio’s around the world. Studio includes more than 20 sound stages and all sorts of sophisticated production facilities and film making environment. With this  Doodle on 77th anniversary of Cinecittà Google introduced this treasure of film industry to the world.