Chrome 28.0 beta for android with Google translate support outs

When coming into the case of browsing we instantly choose for Google chrome than any other browser. The perfection can be seen both desktop and mobile devices. Chrome 28.0 beta for android with Google translate support outs for the customers.

Chrome 28.0 beta for android with Google translate supportThe most interesting thing that Google did in this week is they had released two major version of chrome browser in recent days. First we get the updation of chrome 27.0 and a day after the search giant announce chrome 28.0 beta. The android users can be download it from Google play.

Chrome 28.0 beta for android with Google translate support

The latest chrome announcement is the beta version of browser. So that users won’t get it from the store. Chrome 28.0 beta can download only from Google play. The new release of chrome completely focused for providing better browsing experience. Google included several new features to make it more user friendly one.

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The most innovative feature that Google inbuilt within chrome 28.0 beta is Google translate support. So that we can easily translate one page that not within the default language of our device. This feature removes the language barrier over the web with chrome 28.0. The newer version of chrome browser show a translate button while you came across one page with another language. With one click you can turn that page into one language that you really known.

The desktop version of chrome already featured with this technology. It helps to go through the webpages from other languages and to access informations from them. Google have a keen focus on providing better data usage management for the users. In chrome 28.0 beta you can reduce the data usage with effective tools.

From the setting you can launch the bandwidth management and can apply the data reducing options. The chrome 28.0 also shows off advanced graphical view of data usage and suggestions to reduce data usage. There by users can save data usage and get a better internet experience.

Google chrome 28.0 beta also support full screen support within tablets. It makes the browsing much faster and can focus on one thing. Moreover it ensures the speed and advanced browsing options within it.