Google honors Christaan Huygens with Birthday Doodle

Christaan Huygens Birthday was celebrated by Google with a special doodle on the homepage of Netherlands in the year 2009. Google’s Christaan Huygens Birthday Doodle included the picture of pendulum in it to make it perfect Google doodle on Christaan’s birthday.

Christaan Huygens Birthday Doodle
Christaan Huygens Birthday Doodle (April 16, 2009)

Christaan Huygens was a philosopher, mathematician, physicist and astronomer. Huygens was a Dutch man, born on April 14th, 1629 and was given good education from childhood itself.Huygens have shown great interest in mathematics from early years of education.

After studies Huygens devoted himself in researches, started spending much of his time in experiments and studies about it. By 1949 Christaan Huygens completed researches about parts above the water and but the reports of it is not officially published till now.

Christaan Huygens
Christaan Huygens

It was during 1656, the invention of pendulum clock took place. In Google Christaan Huygens Birthday Doodle also we can see the inclusion of pendulum in the place of Google logo alphabet ‘g’. During the time it was used for perfect time calculation as it was much reliable that the timepiece of that time.

It was in the year 1666 when was working as the director of Academics des science he published more details his pendulum clock and its accuracy through his work Horologium Ossilatrium. Though  Christaan Huygens have done many scientific researches it was the pendulum which made him known worldwide.

Christaan Huygens theories on conservation of mechanical energy, light wave refraction, optics, laws of motion and gravitation, Horology are some which worth a lot for scientific world. His telescopic researches during the life time and findings on the particles in space are great. He was the one who discovered the titan by analyzing the watching the rings of Saturn.

It was on July 8th 1695 Christaan Huygens died at his home town. Many honors were given to him during his life time as well as after his death. Many places, schools, asteroids, a supercomputer, ship and even a mountain in moon is named as Huygen after his death. There is a college named Christaan Huygens college in Denmark.