Chocho Hassan Aladdin’s 75th Birthday Google Doodle

Google doodle on Wednesday portraits Chocho Hassan Aladdin, the famous artist from Lebanon. Doodle on Aladdin’s 75th birthday will be seen  on  Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine homepage on 26th February 2014.

Chocho Hassan Aladdin's 75th Birthday Google Doodle
Chocho Hassan Aladdin’s 75th Birthday Google Doodle(February 26, 2014)

Chocho Hassan Aladdin, is also known ShooShoo and Shou Shou. ShooShoo is a comedian, children’s play writer and also a singer. You can see Google logo alphabet o’s  replaced with Chocho’s image in doodle. Chocho’s image sketched in Google doodle resembles the one that appeared in Lebanese stamp in honor to him.

Chocho Hassan Aladdin
Chocho Hassan Aladdin(Image

Chocho was also part of many TV shows and composed many plays in Lebenon. He also worked with prominent artists and troops of Lebanon including Ibrahiim Maraachli and many others during 1950’s.

Chocho cofounded National theater in 1965. Beurit, the birth place of Chocho is city in Lebanon, most famous for freedom of expression in all aspect and Chocho took over all advantage of it and created many creative works.

Its in 1975, Chocho died on January 2nd. Chocho Hassan Aladdin’s 75th Birthday Google Doodle is a tribute to this legendary artist .