China Teacher’s Day 2014 marked with Google Doodle

September 10th is celebrated as Teacher’s Day in China. Today’s Google Doodle in China search homepage marks Chinese Teacher’s Day.

China Teacher's Day 2014 Google Doodle
China Teacher’s Day 2014 Google Doodle(September 10, 2014)

Google, replacing the actual logo of the company includes the doodle which announces the role of teachers in life. Yes, the Google Doodle will take you to the childhood days. Each of the Google logo alphabet pictures teacher sitting in desk, dictating notes, teaching games and so on. Clicking on doodle Teacher’s Day search page is listed in front of you.

It’s from 1985 September China started celebrating teachers day. There is no perfect background for choosing 10th of September for celebration. Last year there were attempts to change the date for celebration to 28th September marking the Confucius Birthday. Similar to China, most of the countries have special day to honor teachers.

Rather than a profession, Teaching is a divine duty . Every educated individuals will have some teacher in life who have influenced in one way or other. Teacher’s Day has got great importance in China. Students in China will give gifts and flowers to teachers on the day to show respect and honor for them. There is a custom of visiting old teachers and greeting them on teachers day.

Google have published Teacher’s Day special doodles in previous years also. In 2014, similar doodles that you can see on Google China homepage have published on Teachers Day of India, Mexico and Peru. This was a doodle week in China, Google celebrated Chinese Mid Autumn festival on Monday, Leo Tolstoy’s Birthday on Tuesday and now Teacher Day gets a Doodle on Wednesday.

Google’s Teacher’s Day doodle in China will be present for 24 hours to wish every won the greetings of the day. So, Make the day special by loving and respecting your teachers. Happy Teacher’s Day China.