Chilseok and Qixi Festival 2014 Google Doodle

Today Google gets ready with their lovers day doodle again. Qixi festival  is name for festival in China on 7th day of 7th month of Chinese calender. In Korea and Taiwan, celebration have the name Chilseok.

Chilseok and Qixi Festival 2014 Google Doodle
Chilseok and Qixi Festival 2014 Google Doodle(August 2, 2014)

Both Qixi festival and Chilseok are celebrated to commemorate the meeting of two lovers. There are many legends regarding celebration of Qixi Festival and Chilseok. Google have come up with similar doodle in Japan on day of Tanabata, 7th July. In Japan too celebration marks meeting of couples Orihime and Hikobshi.

Altair and Vega, two stars are seen in this Google Doodle too. In China, girls celebrate the day by reciting special prayers in temple , also newly wedded couples gives great importance for the day. There is a custom to view Altair and Vega at night, as in Google Doodle, you can see couples holding hand and watching two starts meeting on milky way.Special dishes are prepared on the day.

In 2013 for Qixi and Chilseok festival, Google published an animated game doodle based on legend relating the festival. Clicking on today’s doodle, you will be taken to search page for Qixi/Chilseok festival.

Story Behind Qixi/Chilseok Festival

Legend regarding the celebration of festival vary from country to country.In most part in Asia, it’s believed to be celebrated on the day when two lovers, daughter of heavenly king and her lover a shepherd boy meet every year.

Legend is as follows, Heavenly king had a daughter good in weaving. She used to weave beautiful clothes for King, once she came across a shepherd boy whom she fell in love with. King came to know about their relation and agreed to join them together. But after that, Kings daughter didn’t weave any clothes for him, so he became angry and give them a curse that they will be able to meet only ones in a year, that is on 7th day of 7th month.

It is believed that on the day a flock of Magpies make a bridge over heavenly river Milky Way helping them. Google Doodle in 2013 on the day was based on this legend.

Doodle will be on Google China, Japan and South Korean Homepage for 24 hours.