Fiestas Patrias 2014 Says Google Doodle in Chile on 18 September

Chile gets a Google Doodle to mark Independence Day 2014 or the formation of first Government assembly on 18th September. Its 204th Independence Day Chile celebrating on 2014.

Chile Independence Day 2014 Google Doodle(September 18, 2014)
Chile Independence Day 2014 Google Doodle(September 18, 2014)

Google Doodle, you could see in design using flag colors and dishes prepared by Chileans. Its similar to doodles that was published on Independence Day of Mexico and Central Americans countries on September 15th. Hovering the mouse pointer on doodle, Fiestas Patrias 2014 says Google and clicking on it, detailed search page for Primera Junta de Gobierno or in English the first government will be listed.

Fiestas Patrias Chile

Celebration begins in Chile for Independence Day from 1st of September itself. Its the commemoration of starting of Chilean war for Independence in 1810, from Spanish rule the Independence Day is celebrated.

In Chile Independence Day is known to be Dieciocho which means eighteenth. As in all other countries, Fiestas Patrias is celebrated in grand way by Chilean. Parades, barbecue parties, dance, music, fireworks and outings makes the day. As seen in Fiestas Patrias 2014 Google Doodle, flag and flag color decorations are seen in houses, schools, offices and public places.

19th September, the day after Independence Day is also celebrated with equal importance in Chile. Its known as ‘ Day of the glories of the Army’. On the day also, you can see military parades, displays of military victories and other national prides.

Wishing Feliz Dieciocho, greeting are flowing to Chile. On behalf of President Obama and US people, Secretory John Kerry sent Independence Day wish to Chile. He added about the relationship maintained by two countries and also further need of cooperation in making a better world in the message.

Most of programs of the day reflect culture of Chile. Traditional dance forms and music are played on stages, games which announces heritage of country are also special attraction of the day. Altogether Chileans make September 18th the best of all  day in the year.

Feliz Dieciocho Chile