Republic of Chile Independence day 2013 Google Doodle

Chile Independence day 2013 Google Doodle is published on the home page of the country. The South American country Chile today celebrating 195th Independence day.

Chile Independenxce day 2013 Google Doodle
Chile Independence day 2013 Google Doodle (September 18, 2013)

Chile Independence day 2013 Google Doodle displays La Cueca, it is a special kind of music and associated dance of Chile. You can see natives of Chile perform La Cuaca within this Doodle by waving with handkerchief.

Chile 2013 Doodle also resembles Huasos in the country, something like Cowboys in United States. Huasos of Chile, native who take care cattles and agriculture mainly lives in south of Santiago. Huasos special dress code appears within Chile Independence day 2013 Doodle, replacing normal one with national flag of Chile. The Doodle also give informations about Chilean national dance, performed by the natives.

The dancers within the Independence day doodle of Chile wore chuppala, a traditional hat that used by chilean horse mans, they also wore riding shoes. Chile became Independent from the Spanish rule in the year 1810. After being independent it is democratic republic, Presidential, unitary constitutional republic system is followed by the government of Chile.

Chile Independence day parade
Chile Independence day parade
[Image Credit : ilovechile]
Sebastián Piñera is the current president of Chile. The Chileans put Independence day parades this week ahead of September 18. The festives and parades of Chile Independence day mainly found within the street of Santiago. Schools and other institutions of Chile also participate in the Independence day parade. The Chile army also participate in the air show on September 18.

Interestingly the celebration of Independence day in Chile have a whole month long. It is called ‘Mes di la patria’ that is the month of Nation. Chileans starts Independence day celebrations from September 1st onwards. Whole Chileans participate in one form of patriotic activities or festival. September 16 to 20 is the most important days in Chile Independence day celebrations, the core celebrations includes flag waving, asados, dancing…Etc.

As indicated by Chile Independence day 2013 Google Doodle Cueca, the native’s musical performance is found to the hear of Chile Independence day celebration. The celebrations of freedom by Chileans end on 30th September.