Children’s Day Google Doodle in Germany with Harlequin Spinning Top

Today’s doodle in Germany marks the Children’s Day. Yes, every Google Users gets a reminder to wish children on the day while taking the search page.

Children's Day Google Doodle 2014 Germany
Children’s Day Google Doodle 2014 Germany(September 20, 2014)

Children’s Day 2014 Germany Google Doodle includes a Harleqine Spinning Top in it. Top is placed in the center with Google logo alphabets in both sides wrote in blocks. Doodle directs to search page Weltkindertag 2014, World Children’s Day 2014. Doodle to wish all kids will be on search page for 24 hours.

Children’s Day Germany History

Germany started celebrating Celebrating in 1940’s, before also small celebrations to wish and honor children was there in Germany. Its in 1950, Children’s Day was declared as holiday in Germany.

Before the unification of East Germany and West Germany, separate days were chosen for celebrating Children’s Day. June 1st was taken as Children’s Day by East Germany and September 20 by West Germany. June 1st is the Universal Children’s Day, may countries has adopted this date for celebration.

In 1990, after unification of Germany common date was selected for Children’s Day celebrations. September 20th is now the Children’s Day over Germany, but most parents in East Germany give presents on June 1st to kids and celebrate. Public programs and functions will take place on September 20th in Country.

Children’s Day Programs

People over Germany wish their Children on the day. Gifts, flowers and sweets are given to Children’s. Toy shop will be filled with parents busy in selecting gifts for kids. As you see in Google Doodle, spinning Harlequin Top is one of the best liked toy by kids. Its colorful and spin with a humming sound.

Schools and organizations for Children will organize public programs for Celebrating Children’s Day in Germany. Taking children to their favorite place and preparing special dishes for them is common on the day.

Happy Children’s Day Germany.