Children’s Day Google Doodle 2005 with hanging fish kites in Japan

Children’s Day is celebrated on May 5th in Japan. Children’s Day programs are sweet and colorful as it’s the day for our innocent children. Every year a wide variety of programs takes over in every stated for the celebration of day.

Children’s Day Google Doodle 2005
Children’s Day 2005(May 4, 2005)

On May 4th of 2005 Google included a doodle with chain of fish kites. Fish kites are very common sight in sky of Japan during this season. Colorful fish kites in the Children’s Day Google Doodle 2005 made it apt for the Children’s Day celebrations.

Children’s Day is celebrated in every country in a day which is convenient for them. Japanese people observe it on the day in golden week of Japan. Japanese people dedicate the fifth day of fifth month especially for their children. The season in which the Children’s Day is celebrated is the holiday season in Japan.

In most the places in Japan this week of May is an official holiday as it includes many national festivals and observances of special days. Mostly all people will be with their families in this week. As it’s a holiday week those who are in the working places and hostels get a chance to be with their near and dear ones.

Children’s Day Japan
Fish Kites
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Children’s Day celebration began in Japan in 1948. Tango no Sekku was the name in which Children’s Day is known in Japan. As it’s celebrated in the golden week the day is entirely filled with parties, music, dance, fun and children special programs. Japanese people have got many specialties in celebrating the day.

Fish kites are one among those which makes the day celebration different from other countries. It looks like fishes swimming in the sky. Families will hang these kites in front of the houses representing children of their house. On this day in Japan and also in other countries people will give beautiful gifts and toys to the children to make them happy.

Mother in the homes prepares the favorite dishes of their children on this day to show their love towards them. It’s a family day in Japan. As it’s a holiday parents will also get time to spent with their loving children and take them to their favorite places on this day. There are some traditional dishes too common in Japan on the meal tables on this day. Mochi and Chimaki are the two traditional dishes served on this day. Both of these dishes are prepared with rice. Chimaki is a type of rice paste covered using bamboo leaf and the next one is a type of rice cakes.

From the starting of the day to the end Children are treated with all those things which make them happy. As the name suggests this is the day entirely dedicated for children.