Children’s Day Google Doodle 2004 with fish kites

Children’s Day is celebrated as a part of giving reorganization for children and it is celebrated in different dates in different countries. The celebration day and the way of celebration will vary according to nation. Globally the Children’s Day is celebrated on November 20.

Children’s Day Google Doodle 2004
Children’s Day Google Doodle 2004 (May 4, 2004)

It is essential to have a preserved day for children for their sake, to ensure that they are getting basic living circumstances such as food, education . By keeping all these rights in mind globally Children’s Day was come into picture in 1954. By keeping this on mind and for preserving rights of children UN General Assembly unified all nations to be a part of the Children’s Day celebrations.

According to United States recommendation Children’s Day is celebrated on November 20 as a major global variant.June 1 was declared as Children’s Day in many countries since from 1950 after the Women’s International Democratic Federation conducted on November 1949 congress in Paris.

As a result of proclamation given by United Nations General Assembly in 1954 we began to celebrate Children’s Day internationally. The main goal of the celebrations are to give a recognition for children and their basic rights.

Children’s Day Google Doodle 2004 is quiet simple and it contains the children’s favorite fish kites tied on the ‘G’ of Google logo. If you remember the previous year’s doodle it was also just like this, where the fish kites are tied to the ‘l’ of Google logo.

Children's Day wishes
Children’s Day wishes [Image Credit : ]
The international organization UNICEF takes some important steps in favor of children. UNICEF provides services like vaccines, food and good educational environment for poor children. Children’s Day is not a mere day to honor children for whom they are but it is the way to spread awareness against the abuse, discrimination and exploitation.

We have to realize that some children are still not getting basic education, food and other living circumstances. So this is a day to remember those ones too.