Google’s Children’s Day Brazil 2013 Doodle

As usual Google came up with Children’s Day Brazil 2013 doodle on October 12th. It’s usual to see Kids Day Google doodle on respective nations on Children’s day.

Children’s Day Brazil 2013 Doodle
Children’s Day Brazil 2013 Doodle (October 12, 2013)

Doodle for children’s day Brazil portrayed two kids playing with kites, replacing Google logo o’s, dressed in logo alphabets original colors, in a green mountain. The celebration of this holiday in Brazil, is imaged symbolically with playing girl and boy in Children’s Day doodle.

Day of Our Lady of Aparecida, the patron saint of Brazil is also celebrated on October 12th and the day is an official holiday of Brazil. All over Brazil Children waits for the day to celebrate with parents and collect the gifts.

It was in 1924, Celebration of Children’s Day Brazil was confirmed, relating to discovery of America by Columbus. Many stories and legends relating to Our Lady of Aparecida and Children’s day are common in Brazil, both these celebrations have great value in Brazil.

In fact , the shrine for Lady of Aparceda is the second largest Church in world. Pope declared October 12th, as the day to honor Lady of Aparceda in 1928. So celebrations get a wide range as these two important functions of Brazil come on same day.

In year 2013, many programs are arranged all over Brazil for Children’s Day special celebrations. Parents and childrens celebrate the day together in hotels and parks, sharing gifts and happiness. Main part of celebration of Children’s day takes place in childrens welfare association and schools.

Google Children’s Day doodle for Brazil in 2013, reflects the perfect mood of day in the country. As many pleasant colors are used in doodle, it attracts every one.