Google Costa Rica celebrates Children’s Day 2014 with a Doodle

Today’s Google Doodle in Google CostaRica marks Children’s Day.Google is celebrating Leo Tolstoy’s Birthday globally with an animated doodle apart from CostaRica. September 9th is marked as Children’s Day in CostaRica.

Childrens Day 2014 Costa Rica Google Doodle
Childrens Day 2014 Costa Rica Google Doodle(September 9, 2014)

In Google Doodle for Children’s Day Costa Rica, you can see a spinning T0p in flag colors of Costa Rica. Clicking on doodle search link for CostaRica Children’s Day or Día del niño Costa Rica will be listed. Doodle will be present for 24 hours on September 9th.

Presenting special Google Doodles on Children’s Day is common in homepage of search giand. Mostly toys, teddy bears , fish kites are featured in doodle for children’s day this year. Children’s Day Panama is also marked with a doodle similar to Costa Rica children’s day doodle previously in this year including top rotating in flag color at center of it.

Children’s Day Costa Rica

Costa Rica celebrates Children’s Day as September 9th since 1946. It’s the president Teodoro Picado Michalski of Costa Rica during 1944 to 1948 declared the date to be celebrated as Children’s Day every year. Declaration of Costa Rican Children’s right on 9th of 9th month is commemorated annually with the Children’s Day celebrations on the day.

For  the welfare and protection of children’s and children’s right, a day is marked as children’s day in most of the countries around the world. Since 1950, June 1st is marked the day for International protection of Children. Most of the programs of the day highlights the need for protection of rights and the improvement in quality of education the we provide for children.

In Costa Rica too, many programs are organized by educational institutions for children’s on September 9th. Special gifts and honors are given to students with academic, cultural and social excellence. Parents also give beautiful gifts to children and take them to their favorite places on the day.

Happy Children’s Day Costa Rica. Enjoy and Celebrate the Day.