National Children’s Day 2013 Indonesia doodle

Google came National Children’s Day 2013 doodle on the home page of Indonesia on 23rd of July. Hari Anak is celebrated with great importance every year over there. Children’s day is dedicated to make awareness of need for protecting and educating children over there.

Children’s Day 2013 Indonesia doodle
National Children’s Day 2013 Indonesia (July 23, 2013)

After a beautiful Children’s Day 2013 doodle Día del Niño in Panama on 21st of July, Google included Children’s Day 2013 Indonesia doodle on the home page of Indonesia on their National Children’s Day.

As in Panama children’s day 2013 doodle,  in the Indonesia Children’s Day 2013 Indonesia Google doodle also ,we can see the images of two happy kids beautifully dressed in uniform and also ,we can see the picture of ball near the girl and a flower in the hand of the boy.

Google’s National Children’s Day 2013 doodle at Indonesia was very beautiful as the previous doodles. Children are the assets of every country. So the day dedicated to the children’s are very important and is celebrated with many cultural and sports programs for the children.

In Indonesia on this day we can see many awareness programs. The main aim of this programs are to make the parents know about the need for educating children and developing a well-educated society.

It is very important for a country to make sure that all the children are properly educated. Child labor is the next big thing that makes a country go backwards so it’s the duty of government as well as other citizen’s to ensure that the children in the country is well and fine. This messages are conveyed on the programs organized on Indonesia on this day.

The beautiful message of this day is passed to the nation with this perfect doodle. Google wished the innocent children on their day with this doodle.