Children’s Day 2009 Turkey Google Doodle

In Turkey Children’s Day is celebrated on April 22nd. On that day Google published a special colorful doodle in its homepage for celebration.

Children’s Day 2009 Turkey Google Doodle
Children’s Day 2009 Turkey Google Doodle (April 22, 2009)

In Children’s Day 2009 Turkey Google Doodle , we can see the image of kids playing in a slider with Turkey flag in the hand. To add color for the kids day doodle there is also inclusion of flowers and plants in the background. Google Doodle reflects the innocence of children in it.

Turkey is one among the country which celebrates Children’s Day at its best. There is a week of celebrations in most of the places in children. TRT Children’s festival is organized in Turkey every year as a part of Children’s Day.

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk was the man who introduced the day for the celebration of little children’s. He wanted a good peaceful life for children in earth and he did many activities to bring up the living condition of children in Turkey.

Children's Day
Children’s Day
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Though Children’s Day is on April 23rd the celebrations starts from April 22nd itself. Children from different countries come together in Turkey for taking part in Festival. Gala is the event which marks the beginning of festival.

After the Gala there will be four day camp for the children as the part of festival where a variety of programs will be included for celebrations and bringing out the talents in children.

After all these festival children will go back to their places on April 26th ,making lots of friends all around the world. The programs included in the TRT Festival of these days is covered by media of Turkey widely. As during this week children’s get lot of time to be together and interact ,it can be taken as a training time for working in group, helping others and increasing friendship and peace.