Google’s Children’s Day 2009 Doodle imaging playing kids

A doodle which is similar to the doodle on Turkey Children’s Day appeared on April 30th as various countries celebrate the day as their Children’s Day. It was on Spain, Mexico, Japan, Poland, Italy, Indonesia, Singapore and Brazil this Children’s Day 2009 Google doodle appeared on the day.

 Children's Day 2009 Google Doodle
Children’s Day 2009 Google Doodle (April 30, 2009)

As in the Turkey we can see two children sliding and playing in the slider. The only difference in the Google doodle is the exclusion of national flag that we can in the hand of a child in the doodle that published in Turkey on their Children’s Day.

All most all countries in the world celebrate a day with wide variety of programs dedicated for children’s. The date of celebration vary from country to country. On the day for children people arrange various programs.

Children’s Day
Children’s Day
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Children’s Day celebrations mainly takes place in schools. On the day children’s speech competition, essay competitions, fancy dress and other cultural competitions will take place in schools. It’s a beautiful concept to dedicate a day especially for children.

There will be special talks on the day for elders as well as children to make the awareness of the quality and need for education that should be given for children. Today the main problem that is existing in the society is illiteracy and child labour.

It is very important to stop these serious problem that spoils the life of our children. As children are the future citizen to control the world it is very important to make them educated and qualified to build up the better world. So for that the first thing that we must do is make the parents aware about these facts.

Celebrations of the Children’s Day is equally colorful as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and other important days all around the world. Google by publishing this doodle on Children’s Day shares the joy and fun of the day.