Children’s Day 2007 Google Doodle

May 5th is the day which is celebrated as Children’s Day in Japan. Japanese people follows many traditional customs to celebrate the day which is especially dedicated for the innocent children. So to whish the sweetness of Children’s Day Google came up with a doodle on its home page in Japan on 4th May.

Children’s Day 2007 Google Doodle
Children’s Day 2007(May 4, 2007)

Google doodle included the picture of the tradition dish prepared in homes of Japan on Children’s Day. Chimaki is the special dish prepared of rice which is covered in bamboo leaf. This dish is included in the place of Google letter ‘o’.Children’s Day 2007 Google Doodle also included the traditional rice kite figure in it. Two rice kites are seen in the doodle as if it’s hanged on the top of Google letter ‘l’. Everything that is included in the logo is in one way or in other way related to Children’s Day of Japan.

Children’s Day is celebrated as a part of Golden week which includes many festivals and celebrations of Japan. The entire week which includes Children’s Day is very colorful and bright in Japan. Entire country will celebrate it together with dance, music and party. It was from the year 1948 Children’s Day celebrations started in Japan. Gift shops and toy shops will be overflowing with small gifts loved by children. Parents will take them to their favorite places on the day and make them happy with their favorite chocolates and gifts.

fish kites
Fish Kites[Image Credit]
Children’s Day celebrations are common in all countries. As the day is dedicated for innocent children the entire programs include the participation of children. Special speech competitions, fancy dress competition and other cultural programs are organized in schools for children on this day.

In Japan it’s common to see fish kites on this day on the roof of houses. It’s a very beautiful sight to see a large number of fish kites flying in the sky on the day. It’s very colorful to see this. There are many legends behind following this custom on Japan. As in Japan in many other countries also this kind of celebration takes place on the day. Everywhere the day is entirely dedicated for children.

Children are the stars of the day. It’s very important to celebrate a day for the children as they are the growing citizens which provides health and wealth to the country. Google doodle also included everything that makes the day perfect.

To make the children happy parents gives many surprises for their children on that day. Mothers prepare the traditional dishes like Chimaki and Mochi with other dishes which is liked by the children.  Both these are prepared by using rice as the main ingredient.

Children’s Day is the best among the celebrations of Japan. They give great importance for the day as it’s for the innocent children. Google doodle is the best way in which Google expressed the happiness and wishes of the day. Though the doodle is simple it clearly conveyed the message of the day. As it is the official national holiday celebrations will be brighter and best. Most people combine with the family for celebrating Children’s Day as it’s a part of Golden week.