Google’s Chen Jingrun’s Birthday Doodle on May 22

On the birthday of Chen Jingrun, the mathematician who gave important contributions in number theory Google Chen Jingrun’s Birthday Google Doodle on May 22 to honor him on 2009.

Chen Jingrun’s Birthday Doodle
Chen Jingrun’s Birthday (May 22, 2009)

The doodle that we see above appeared on the homepage of China as Chen Jingrun was a Chinese man. In the Chen Jingrun’s Birthday Doodle, the alphabet ‘l’ in the logo is included with lots of papers and above it the spectacles. This replacements points to the mathematical equations and theorems by Chen.

We know a mathematical result can be only obtained by doing many calculations so in that sense paper and pen is the main tools of mathematicians. This concept is included in the doodle of Chen birthday. We can also see papers scattered and left in the right and left side of the Chen Jingrun’s Birthday Google Doodle .

Chen Jingrun
Chen Jingrun

The important theory that was found by Chen Jingrun was on number theory was on prime numbers. He theorems points that we can represent even a large even number as the sum of two prime numbers or else as a sum of a prime number and a semi prime number.

In the Google doodle published for the birthday of Chen Jingrun also we can see something about this theorem. The inclusion of “1+2” in the right side top above the bundle of papers points to his theorem which is now known widely as Chen’s Theorem.

It was during the year 1966 Chen Jingrun came out with this theory. Further detailed proof of this theory was presented by him in the year 1973. In the paper that submitted on that year he included Goldbach conjuncture and twin prime conjuncture.

Chen had a great interest in the field of mathematics from the childhood itself. By the year 1953 he took his graduation from the Xiamen University, China where now we can see his statue. A postal stamp was also published including his silhouette. This Chen Jingrun’s Birthday Doodle in the homepage of Google was real honor for him.