chat head on iPhone will introduce very soon

Many Apple fans get disappointed when Zuckerberg announced Facebook Home only for android devices. But in short time Facebook Inc. decided to provide new innovative features for the iDevices in coming weeks. It is confirmed that chat head on iPhone will introduce very soon.

chat head on iPhoneThe backbone of Facebook Home is nothing but the open nature of android itself. The easy customization over Google android help Facebook engineers to build a phone software like Facebook Home. The close nature of iOS stands as a restriction to iDevices from getting this software. Even though the innovative chat head and new news feed updation will shortly arrive in iPhones and iPads.

Chat head on iPhone

Chat heads is the new innovation that invented by Facebook in messaging. It allows you to chat even when you are doing other tasks. It brings together all messages at one place such as Facebook messages, text messages…Etc. In chat head when one of your friends tries to connect with you then his/her face appeared in the screen. It allows you to identify the exact person you are chatting with.

The main feature of chat head is nothing but it won’t interrupt the users from doing other services. Only thing you have to do is just tap on the chat head when it is appear on the screen. Now this feature will shortly available for iPhone. Most probably the updation will come within two days.

Stickers for messaging

Sometimes it is seems to be smileys played a major role in instant messaging. Time to time developers provides more smileys for the easiness of chatting. Within new chat head for iDevices you can add fabulous stickers within chat box. It can be add simply by click on smiley button.New news feed updation for iPad

New newsfeed for iPad

With new news feed for Facebook focused for making the time lines clearer and simpler than before. They give more importance for visual contents in new news feed. It is available for phone tablets and in web. The updations will get in a complete focused format within the new news feed. Also the most important things like music, photos and games can choose within no time.

Now Facebook provides lots of improvement it and it will see at its best with Apple iPads. Everything within your time line seems to be brighter and full focused format. All new updation will comes shortly within the app store.