CES 2013 showcase Ubuntu Smartphones

The consumer electronics show will start on 8th January in Las Vegas. As by reports CES 2013 showcase Ubuntu Smartphones, will announce in the event.

Ubuntu is a free and fast operating system which will running on millions of computers today. The fast performance, intuitive interface, secured ecosystem and also the simplicity makes Ubuntu to widely preferred operating system. Now your favorite operating system is right within your Smartphone which will you seen from January 08th 2013. The aim of Ubuntu’s mission is to provide one platform for all computing devices such as desktops laptops tablets smartphones…Etc. In that way Ubuntu becomes the first ever operating system to coverage all the possible ranges.

Ubuntu Smartphones are powered by 1GHz cortex A9 processors, a support of 1GB RAM. On the storage section Ubuntu Smartphones have 8GB flash memory. It has stunning lean structure and large display. Each edges of Ubuntu Smartphone take you to directly what you need. That is each edges have a specific task that we needed the most. The left edge of the phone is featured with all your favorite applications. With simple natural swiping gestures you can get in to all effective application zone. The switching between different applications is much faster than from any other Smartphone.

A complete swipe from left to right brings all your open applications. At the same time swiping from right show off the last application you used. The next swipe from right takes you to the application that you used before the last one. You can find out anything you needed from the phone by using advanced search box in the top. At the same time the phone also search out the online contents to give you regular updates. You can also turn between different pages with single swiping. Ubuntu also provides stunning welcome screen for their Smartphone. It is developed under completely personalized graphics. So Ubuntu Smartphones becomes completely user friendly one.

Through Ubuntu Smartphones you can makes out clearer and cleverer conversation. Thy completely reinvent the phone inbox. That is you don’t have to move across different services to gets your all messages, all your text mails and social media posts are right reached at your inbox. So that conversation becomes easier than before. The advanced camera helps you to capture high resolution pictures. The taken photos are instantly gets uploaded to Ubuntu One personal cloud account. The cloud storage provides high level security to your favorite stuffs.

Ubuntu Smartphones are coming up with LTE networks to provide the users high speed data usage and crystal clear voice service. As Ubuntu stands as the world’s favorite open source OS the application developers have keen focus on it. It has a fast evolving application ecosystem. So Ubuntu Smartphones have a collection of creative applications that we see in traditional PCs. Ubuntu’s application development is doesn’t limited within HTML5. It also provides native application development through C or C++. The other specifications and phone price tags are announced at the time of introduction of Ubuntu Smartphone at CES 2013.