CES 2013 scheduled from January 08 to 11

The International Consumer Electronics Show or CES is the technological based trade show which is held each January. The show is conducted by consumer electronics association in Las Vegas Convention Centre USA. The international trade show highlights the preview and announcement of new electronics products. CES 2013 scheduled from January 08 to 11.

CES 2013 scheduled from January 08 to 11

Everyone focused for the announcement of Samsung products in CES 2013. Samsung will unveils new generation flexible phone screen and tablets of Galaxy series in CES 2013. There is no chance for the announcement of Samsung Galaxy SIV in CES 2013.

Samsung Galaxy S4

The Korean electronics giant also set to introduce world’s largest commercialized UHD LED TV, about 85 inches in size. The term UHD referred the Ultra High Definition standard. It is developed through the advanced technology called 4K. The high quality pictures are promised by 3840*2160 display resolutions.

The ever first television from Ultra High Definition standard is coming out from Toshiba. The Ultra HD TV from Samsung used up 8 million pixels in it. Panasonic’s 152 inch TV termed as the world’s ever biggest one. The second position will not gone for Samsung’s 85 inch TV because the American multinational Company Westinghouse all set to be introduce 110 inch 4K television. The market of these TVs depends upon the price tags. It will be announced at the time of announcement in CES 2013.

s most valued chip maker Intel Corporation looking forward to CES 2013 for the introduction of new products. In those the most advanced one is Bay trail T tablet processor. It is developed through 22-nano meter architecture.

The technology helps to reduce the power consumption by half than 32-nano meter architecture. The clock speed and number of cores also increased than before. The new processor has four cores 2.1GHz speed. So that it can bring out ultra-fast performance.

Bay trail T processor also supports HD 4000 graphics with DirectX11 supports. It turns the basic actions into three times faster than before. Intel Corporation also plans to introduce new processors for smartphones. Popular cell phone manufactures like Motorola, Lenovo and Lava are already introduced Intel powered Smartphone with lightning fast performance. As processing speed is one of the most essential features of Smartphones more manufacturing Companies will shortly approach Intel.

The chipmaker king also have hawks eye on the dominance of tablets and smartphones. Intel already introduced Z2760 processor for Windows 8 tablets. The market availability of that advanced tablet processor will informed soon from the Company. It is also rumored that the tech giant Apple plans to take Intel processors for future. We can believe it as a true one because the Intel is the top most chipmaker of the world that provides lightning fast processors.

The Chinese Multinational Corporation ZTE already introduced the Smartphone Grand S. It is all set to be unveiled on the first day at CES 2013. It is the first full HD Smartphone from the Company.

It is a 5 inch cell phone which is developed through ceramic design. The Company reported that the phone is featured with most advanced applications from Chinese technology. ZTE will also introduce 1080p tablets in CES 2013. It is also reported that they focused onto made the tablet as thin as possible.

In the Smartphone section of CES 2013 the Taiwanese manufacturer HTC will introduce new Windows powered Smartphones. In those the Company highlights HTC M7. It is featured with 5 inch HD display. It is powered by QUALCOMM APQ8064 quad core processor. In camera specifications it is blessed with 13 megapixel one.

Tech analysts informed that it becomes a best competitor to Samsung Galaxy S4. HTC also showcased Zenith and Titan III for CES 2013. The function also will witness the Windows phone 8 powered Nokia smartphones. The Finnish giant now focused for Windows phone 8 operating system other than home grown OS. The Chinese Company Huawei also used up off Windows Phone 8 OS for their products.

One of the main attractions of CES 2012 was the announcement of metro based operating system from Microsoft. At that time the current CEO of Microsoft had informed that it is the last presentation from the Company. Also Windows 8 and Surface tablet made great impact on the technical world. So CES 2013 becomes incomplete without the presence of software giant Microsoft. There will be many popular Companies like LG and DISH to delight the function. CES 2013 also introduce many new generation technologies to the world. So just wait for the grant International technological event.