The Queen of Salsa Celia Cruz gets a Google Doodle

Google Doodle on 21 October marks the birthday of Cuban born singer and performer Celia Cruz. It’s the 88th Birthday of legend celebrated with this Google Doodle.

Celia Cruz gets a Google Doodle
Celia Cruz gets a Google Doodle(October 21, 2013)

Google Doodle on her birthday was one of the best posthumous tribute for the vibrant performer ever given.  In the doodle for Celia Curz, you can see her imaged in Salsa costume with a splashing background in which logo alphabets are included.

Cuban orchestra Sonora Matancera marked the start of Cruz career. It was when the music band leader left the group, Celia took incharge of it and made the best performances of the orchestra. Latin American countries and United States were the main performance places for Celia Cruz.

Cruz was born on 21 October 1925. With her lively character and skills in the time of 15 years after starting the career, Cruz became an international start and her fame flew over countries. She became a known actress in Mexican Films.

Celia Cruz was recognized with many honors and awards during her life time. Posthumously also she was given many tributes and honors for the talend and her skills. Clicking in the birthday doodle for Celia Cruz, you will be taken for the search homepage for her in Google Search.

Cruz died in 2003 on July 16 at the age of 77. Google Doodle on her 88th birthday in various countries makes us remember this actress 10 years after her death.