Celebrating Harriet Tubman Doodle in Google US

On February 1st, in Google homepage there appeared a Google doodle in caption ‘ Celebrating Harriet Tibman’. Every Google US users can view Harriet Tubman’s doodle on homepage. Harriet was an humanitarian who escaped many slaves,was also a scout, nurse and spy during the civil war.

Celebrating Harriet Tubman Doodle in Google US
Celebrating Harriet Tubman Doodle in Google US(February 1, 2014)

In the doodle for Harriet, we can see his image at the center, holding a lighted lamb. Its in the place of alphabet ‘o’, Tubman image is placed with lamb. Lighted lamb symbolically show the activities on escaping hundreds of slave and leading them to a new light. Other logo alphabets were also included in different style in doodle. We can see fresh green leaves in every letter of logo, which points to new hope.

Harriet was born in the family of slaves in 1820’s. There is no documents regarding Harriet’s actual birth date. Harriet was continuously punished, regularly beaten by the honors while she was child. After 1850, Harriet started to her activities in escaping slaves. More than 300 slaves were escaped by her during the period of eleven years. Harriet had many secret helpers for her secret mission of escaping slaves through underground railroad. Later on , Harriet had revealed the names of her helpers in the activity.

Apart from escaping slave, Harriet also worked for women’s right in her life time. It was in 1861, when civil war broke out in America, Harriet took her real effort as humanitarian. She served as a nurse and scout during the war. In cooperating with US army Harriet did the job of a soldier and a spy for the country. Harriet is a well known icon in America. She died in 10th March, 1930 at the age of 93. Its deep interest in humanity and works for humanitarian values, made Harriet renowned.

Getting inspiration from Harriet’s activities two movies were out in 1978 and 1992. Her biography was out in 2004. Today we can see her statue over many places in America, which shows she is alive today also in every ones heart.