Mexican Novelist Carols Fuentes honored with Google Doodle

85th Birthday of Mexican Novelist Carlos Fuentes marked by Google Doodle on homepage landed on Mexico, Chile, Peru and Argentina.

Carols Fuentes Google Doodle
Carols Fuentes Google Doodle(November 11, 2013)

Google Doodle take one of his novel as theme. ‘Where the air is Clear’, first novel by Mr Fuentes in 1958 makes the doodle beautiful. Image of Fuentes is also included in doodle in place of alphabet ‘l’.

‘Where the air is Clear’ is based of life in Mexican City and this novel wide recognition and made Mr Fuentes noted as one of the sensational novelist of Mexico. 50th Anniversary of ‘Where the air is Clear’ is celebrated with programs in grant way.

Carlos Fuentes, born on 11 November 1928 in Panama have many classic novel in his name.  He was honored by many international  magazines. ‘Most admired writer of Spanish Speaking Country’ mentioned ‘New York Times’, The Guardian described him as ‘Most celebrated Novelist’. He also have the name ‘Latin American Boom’.

Fuentes used all possible media to share his views and opinion to world. His last message in twitter say:

There must be something behind barbarism and slaughter to support existence of mankind so we must help search for it

Mr Fuentes second novel ‘The Good Conscience’ also had wide acceptance. In this work Fuentes included life of middle class men and his views. Among all his works ‘ The Death of Artemio Cruz’ is the best novel from him. It was in 1962 novel published covering many aspects of life. Apart from this, Mr Fuentes  have many other works including Terra Nostra, Aura and The old Gringo.

Though he cover every topic in his works ,Fuentes himself referred as premodern writer. He had clear view on what he believed and used ink, pen ans paper to complete his works. Apart from novels Fuentes have many short stories, essays and scree plays wrote by him ,also,  many awards, honors and special recognition were given to him for his skill and works.It was on 15 May 2012, Fuentes died at home in Mexico.

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