Carnival 2009 Google Doodle on February 21

Carnival is the time for fun, merry making and happiness. On Carnival 2009 Google published special celebration doodle on the homepage of Google Brazil. The Carnival season starts before lent when people prepare the mind to stay tuned for Easter lent. Brazil carnival is the days just before Ash Wednesday.

Carnival 2009 Google Doodle
Carnival 2009 Google Doodle (February 21, 2009)

In Brazil it’s common to see huge parades with dance, circus and drum music on this festival. In the doodle also we can see this happiness and enjoyment. The entire logo is changed to blue color with letter ‘o’ replaced by a drum and two drum sticks. We can also see ribbons in red and golden color in Carnival 2009 Google Doodle to give a festive mood to it.

Carnival in Brazil is something great which includes the participation of large crowds and which lasts for 5 days before Easter lent. Lots and lots of people attend the carnival in Brazil.  It’s in coastal cities the best of celebrations takes place.

Carnival decorations in streets, malls and hotels starts a week before it itself.   Style and the way of celebrations differs in different places. The best celebration takes place at Rio De Jeneiro.

Celebrations for the festival season differs in different regions. Mainly it is felt in the music that is played on the day for celebrations. Carnelevare is the name from which the name Carnival derived. This means removal of meat. Yes, Christians usually remove the meat and other such meat dishes for forty days from their diet. It’s for this reason the name Carnival is suggested for this festival.

Samba dance is common in Rio De Jeneiro for celebration. We can see group of people walking along the streets beautifully dressed enjoying music and dancing. Celebrations starts from the morning and lasts till evening every day. It’s the best celebrated occasion in Brazil.

Apart from Brazil there are many other countries which celebrate this festival with great importance. Most it’s celebrated in those places where Christian dominance is as it’s related with resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Google also took part in the celebration by publishing this beautiful Carnival 2009 Google Doodle in the homepage which create a festive impact. In the Carnival 2009 was as good as all other years with lot of color, music and party.