Canadian Thanksgiving Day Google Doodle

Thanksgiving Day is a commonly celebrated harvest festival in many countries. It was on October 13th, 2003 Canadian people celebrated this festival. It’s a holiday in most of the place in Canada.

Canada Thanksgiving Day
Canadian Thanksgiving Day(Oct 13, 2003)

On the Thanksgiving Day people all around the country gather together with their family for celebration. Thanksgiving Day is a day dedicated to show the sincere gratitude towards God for all the blessing that they had. Canadian people started celebration of this long before.

There are many special traditions followed by them to make the day great.  Thanks giving feast is the most important among them. Canadian people gather around the dining table and feast on the fresh harvest that they got from their land. There are many special dishes we can see on the meal tables of the Canada on this day. It includes vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Most commonly it starts by eating baked or roasted turkey.

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There is a special parades held in Canada on this day. The name of the parade is known as Kitchener waterloo Oktoberfest. There are many sports and games commonly held in Canada to make this season special. This festival is one of the most celebrated festivals in Canada. Thanksgiving Day classic football league is held in Canada on this week.

It’s a common sight to see church squares and temples decorated with pumpkins, cornucopias and other fresh harvests. Cornucopias are the next common thing that we can see on Canada on this day. Cornucopias are the corn shape horn with fruits and vegetables filled in it. It’s a delightful sight to see this overflowing cornucopia on the tables of Canada. It’s a symbol of prosperity.

On the Thanksgiving Day of 2003, that’s on 13th October Google came with a doodle to make the people aware about the importance of the day. Google doodle included the pictures of apple, maple leaf, corn and other harvests. All these harvest was placed in the Google letter ‘g’ in the doodle. The presentation style of the doodle was very simple on this day. The Google alphabet ‘e’ is replaced with a beautiful maple leaf.

There are many stories and legends behind the celebration of first Thanksgiving Day. It’s believed that Thanksgiving Day began by pilgrims who started to thank God for their good harvest gained from their farmland. Then when years passed people continued it with great importance and respect. They prayed for their ancestors on this day and feasted on special dishes to make it the best day of the year.