Canadian Thanksgiving 2004 Google Doodle

Thanksgiving Day is celebrated in different dates in different countries. Canadian Thanksgiving is celebrated on second Monday of October. The basic concept of Thanksgiving is same in every country, as it is celebrated to show gratitude towards God for his worships.

Canadian Thanksgiving 2004 Google Doodle
Canadian Thanksgiving 2004 (October 11, 2004)

The celebration of Thanksgiving Day is fixed to second Monday of October since from 1957. In order to provide some rest from working days and to spend days with family people celebrate the whole 3 days as Thanksgiving Day. The whole vacation session is celebrated with different entertainment activities.

On Thanksgiving Day people prepare special food items, especially Turkey roast and dishes with different grains. Other special dishes from the grains are like seasonal produce, such as pumpkin, pecan nuts and corn ears etc.  Before the arrival of winter season here is a chance for people to relax and spent time with family members. So for the Canadian people during the Thanksgiving Day they enjoy the autumn vacation.

Google was released doodles regarding Thanksgiving Day in previous years. Canadian Thanksgiving 2004 Google Doodle pictured the leaf fall that indicates the autumn season. So the maple leaf fall indicates the season. After the Harvest season people gets the fruits and grains and they make special dishes from it to celebrate Thanksgiving Day.

People spend the whole holiday session with different activities like fishing and hiking. There is a fantastic chance to football fans to see the Football League or the Thanksgiving Day classic matchesduring the weekend. So the entire doodle concentrated on the celebration aspect of the Day.

Canadian Thanksgiving
Canadian Thanksgiving
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Thanksgiving Day is declared and celebrated as public holiday in Canada. It is said that due to the influence of American culture the Thanksgiving Day celebration started in Canada. Long year back European settlers and travelers came to Canada and thus the Thanksgiving celebrations also. There exists some cultural and religious root behind the Thanksgiving Day celebration.

Americans started to celebrate it in order to share the happiness of harvest season. It is celebrated as secular holiday. In almost all religions in western culture prayers and thanksgiving ceremonies are organized as a part of showing gratitude towards God.

We can see the similarity between Harvest festival and Thanksgiving, but harvest festival is celebrated in late November. In the case of Canada there is no narrative description about the origin or root for thanksgiving celebration as there is no English presence until 18thcentury in country.