Canada Day 2007 Google Doodle

Since 1982 after passing Canadian Act people of Canada started celebrating the national day which was known by Canada in a grand way. In the primary years the day was known with the name Dominion Day. With the changes in the culture and customs when years passed the name of celebration also got a change. It is how the day which is known as Canada Day evolved.

Canada Day 2007 Google Doodle
Canada Day 2007(July 1, 2007)

Google doodle on July 1st of 2001 was especially dedicated to the Canada Day celebrations. Canadian building with the national flag flying with pride is pictured in the doodle instead of the logo letter ‘l’. The inclusion of this image made it specially convey the message of Canada Day. Canadian people show great respect towards their nation.

It was in 1867 Canada got independence when Nova Scotia and New Brunswick got united on July 1stof this year. Since then Canadian people had tried to celebrate this day in a special way. Google also always tried to out with special doodles on this day including special buildings, flag, maple leaves which are associated with the Canada Day celebrations in it.

Canada Day
Canada Day Fireworks
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Fireworks are common among the Canada Day celebrations so Google also included the pictures of beautiful fireworks in it to give the viewer a good treat for the eye.Canada Day 2007 Google Doodle does not had any other images and figured in it apart from the replacement of logo letter ‘l’. All other letter are represented as in original format that is adopted by the Google.

Since 1867 after gaining the independence the celebration of the day begun in small extended but it was in 1967 the range of the celebrations increased. Now we can see that Canada Day celebration is one among the best of all celebration that takes place in the country every year.

Celebrations includes parades, prayers, special award ceremonies, speeches, sports and other cultural competitions all around the world. Beginning from the morning celebrations last till night and end with the firework shows.