Canada Day 2006 Google Doodle on July 1st

Canada Day is celebrated on 1st July. In past Canada Day is known as Dominion Day. As to commemorate the anniversary of British North America Act on July 1, 1867 this Federal Statutory Day is celebrated.

Canada Day 2006 Google Doodle
Canada Day 2006 Google Doodle (July 1, 2006)

Google released a special doodle on the occasion of Canada Day. Canada Day 2006 Google Doodle containrd the national flag of Canada. The flying national flag is the symbol of freedom for any country. Instead of 1st ‘o’ of logo in Google Doodle it is replaced with Maple leaf which is on the national flag of Canada.

British North America Act, 1867 is now known as Constitution Act, 1867. During the ruling time of Britain ,Canada was divided into different colonies. But the Constitution Act, 1867 3 ,the separated colonies under British Empire was united to form a single nation called Canada.

Canada Day is not only celebrated in Canada but also it is celebrated internationally by Canadians in different countries. As a press comment Canada Day can be considered as Canada’s birthday.

The unification of British North American colonies of New Brunswick, Province of Canada and Nova Scotia in to a federation containing 4 provinces are commemorated in this occasion. The province of Canada was divided in to 2 areas known as Ontario and Quebec in the dividing process.

A Canada Day Celebration
A Canada Day Celebration [Image Credit :]
After the reunification, although the new independent nation was formed British parliament allowed limited control over political new country.

Canada Day falls on July 1st according to Federal holiday act. If July 1 falls on Sunday then the 2nd July is celebrated as statutory holiday. In such occasions the celebration starts on July 1st although officially it is not declared.