Canada Day 2005 Google Doodle with Maple leaf

The official national day of Canada is known by the name Canada Day. It was primarily known by the name Dominion Day. When the years passed several modifications took place in the way of celebration and the new name Canada Day was officially announced.

Canada Day 2005 Google Doodle
Canada Day 2005(July 1, 2005)

Doodle on Google home page on July 1st landed on Canada included maple leaf picture in the place of ‘o’ in the Google logo. Maple leaf is the image which is seen on the center of Canada’s National Flag. Inclusion of this figure in the doodle made it special for Canadian people. National flag of Canada is a red flag in which there is White Square with red maple leaf figure in center. It’s one among the most simple and beautiful flags. Google doodle also reflected this simplicity in the way it is designed.

It was in the year 1982 after he Canada Act the day got its name as Canada Day observed every year on July 1st.  Canadian people got the joy of independence in the year 1867 when Nova Scotia and New Brunswick united on July 1stunder the constitution act in to a single country.

Maple leaf
Maple leaf
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 Though they started small celebration from the year 1917 the celebration became the best among other festivals after 1967. In this year all Canadian people united together to celebrate the day with single heart and soul. Since then Canadian people living in Canada and also outside Canada started celebrating the day with great importance.

As in all other countries on Canada Day Canadian people organize many special programs to make it the special day of the whole year. On Canada Day people over there remember all those who have fought unconditionally for the independence of the nation. Special prayers are arranged to pray for all comrades who sacrificed their life for the good of nation.

National level competitions, seminars, parades, fireworks and shows are seen on every corner of the country on this special day. Canada Day is a national holiday in Canada. The celebrations of the day start with the parades and will end after the firework show on the parliament hill.