Canada Day 2004 Google Doodle with Loon

Fete du Canada or Canada Day is celebrated as the National Day of Canada. In the past Canada Day was known as Dominion Day. The Canadian National day is also celebrated as Federal Statutory Day in the memory of anniversary of British North America Act on July 1, 1867.

Canada Day 2004 Google Doodle
Canada Day 2004 (July 1, 2004)

Now the British North America Act, 1867 is known as the Constitution Act, 1867. The British people were ruled the nation with dividing the nation in to 3 different colonies. Due to the Constitution Act in 1867, 3 separated colonies under British Empire was united to form a single nation called Canada.

The name changed to Canada Day from Dominion Day in 1982 at the time when Canada Act was passed. Canadian national day is not only celebrated in Canada but also celebrated in different countries by Canadians. By the popular press Canada Day is referred as ‘Canada’s birthday’. It is known as the special occasion to celebrate the unification of British North American colonies of New Brunswick, Province of Canada and Nova Scotia in to a federation containing 4 provinces.

In the process of dividing the Canada was separated in to 2 areas known as Ontario and Quebec. But after the independence when Canada as a whole become a new kingdom the British Government permitted only limited rights over the political field of Canada. This hanging of British power continues until the last vestiges were surrendered and Constitution Act unifies all the colonies in 1982. So the re- birth of Canada. Officially July 1 is celebrated as the Canada Day according to Federal holiday Act. But the celebrations will occur in July 2 if July 1 is celebrated as celebrated as statutory holiday.

Canada Day
Canada Day Celebrations
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The celebrations will trigger from July 1 if even if it is not a holiday. If National Day falls on Saturday then the day and the upcoming Monday will declare as a holiday. Now we can check out the doodle released on the Canada Day. There were controversies around the national bird of Canada. Commonly Loon is known as the national bird of Canada and is given in the Canada Day 2004 Google Doodle .

Canada’s National Flag is shown in the doodle as a sign of national proud. It is hosted on the alphabet ‘l’ of Google logo. Canada Day is celebrated with official events like parades, air and maritime shows and carnivals etc… as any other National Day. The celebration consists of firework displays, barbecues and musical ceremonies. This special day is considered as an occasion to give citizenship ceremonies for the new citizens.