Can Siri overtake Google voice search?

Both Siri and Google voice search is the best services for you to perform the search faster. So the question is can Siri overtake Google voice search?

Can Siri overtake Google voice search?Is Siri capable of giving something more than Google voice search? The answer is open and clear. Though Siri provides many useful information, the vast database collection Knowledge graph of Google will provide faster results than Siri. Time lagging between Siri and Google voice search shows that the Google application is smarter than Siri. The next thing which makes Google voice search better than Siri is its vast language support.

 Both Siri and Google voice search makes the user search simple and easy. They provide answer for the user queries in natural languages accurately. Inclusion of this functionality was proved to be very useful for the mobile users. They can even find out the right answer for a search even when they are driving their vehicle or in a situation where they can’t type.

User interface provided for this applications in the devices in which it’s used is almost similar and easily accessible. We can access Siri as well as Google voice search with simple figure tap or click to the microphone icon. Access to it depends on the devices it use. In Google voice search the user interaction is much easier than Siri as it has got a language support from more than 104 distinct languages. In the case of Siri there is only approximately 15 languages identified.

Siri provides the facility for automatic application selection for the better search result. Just think a situation when you went for an outing with your friends and you just want to see a movie. What you want to do is just Siri application and ask “What are the movies?” In the very next minute you can get all the movies that are running in the nearby theaters in the place where you are standing and Siri will now provide an option to buy the tickets. Just tell how many tickets you want then Siri will provide you ticket to enjoy with friends. The inclusion of this facility in Siri ultimately provided chance to buy stuff with your phone with a simple word.

Though Siri provides many advanced facilities Google has shown its dominance in the area of searching for years. Their Knowledge Graph which includes the database of more than 570 million objects will never have competitor for many years. Language support and database collection is the main advantage that makes Google voice to give fast and accurate answers for all questions you ask. So with closed eyes we can say that Google is the best and the last name for finding answer for your quires. But world have always welcomed changes we have to wait and see what all integrations will takes place to these applications by the providers to make their position secure and safe.