Can iOS7 be the future of Apple?

WWDC 2013 became the floor which gave Apple users and fans to witness lot of new announcement. Though there were many launches, iOS7 was expected to be such an announcement which is capable making Apple gain all its lost name and fame. Jonathan Ive, the man whom picked by former Apple CEO Steve Jobs to the company is the man behind this new mobile OS.

Innovative iOS7 mobile operating systemAs per the expectation Apple introduced their new OS on the first day of the conference itself. Apple iOS7 was something beyond what we thought. Apple included a series of new features in its mobile OS which makes the users get what they want much easier than before.

It seems that iOS7 is the featured Apple introduction, which makes the Apple future bright. As in the caption that we can see in Apple official website this new OS makes Apple users capable of doing great things at the same time it will also makes you do very small things too. Yes, the newly introduced features like control center, notification center and multitasking makes it all possible. There are about 9 new features in the new Apple mobile OS.

With iOS7 tasks such as switching to Airplane mode, adjusting brightness and flashlight, connecting to Wi-Fi can be done through a single swipe using Control center. Notification center allows you to get updated with all the notifications in your mail, message and so on. The feature ‘Today’ gives a summary of all that you need today including remainders on birthdays, weather and traffic.

Multitasking is very essential for a mobile device in this fast running world. Now you can do all your task smarter with new multitasking facility in this OS. iOS7 will analyze your trends in using apps an make it ready when you need it every day. To get currently working apps all you want to do is just press the home button twice.

Option for getting pictures clear and beautiful in the way we need can be made possible with advanced camera and photo options. You can get you image in a single swipe and style according to your creativity using filters and photo effects. Then to get those memories easily in front of you when you need, there are option to group and tag it. iCloud allows you to share it and get the updates on it.what is new in  iOS7

Music is the soul of life, iTunes radio streaming service allows you to enjoy the music and allows you to buy it if you like it. Here there are options to view the history, edit it and it’s available in all most all new generation Apple products.

Safari and Siri for web search in a simple way is more advanced in this new version of iOS. Siri in iOS7 can do many more features than that it does before. Returning voice calls and playing voice mails are included in new Siri. New Safari bowser will gives a more spacious screen while browsing in internet.

Next feature App near me gives you the perfect app that you need after analyzing you present situation. Find My iPhone give protection to your personal information and phone. AirDrop allows you to send anything on the device near you within no time avoiding all the complicated steps.

All these features added in the new mobile OS from Apple makes it the best user friendly OS. Integration of this OS is now available for iPod 5G and iPhone 5. So all these device users will now get the chance to use all the features of iOS7 and get a more simple interactive experience with their Apple devices.