Meet Butter systems, Sergey Brin’s younger brother’s start up

Google co-founder Sergey Brin’s younger brother Sam Brin make a startup with his friend called Butter system. The new technical venture from Sam Brin is not at all another search engine or another ad service. You can meet Butter systems for ordering you favorite dishes in restaurants. Yes, it is a service that helps to make on demand ordering in restaurants.

Butter systemsBoth customers and owners become unhappy when they can’t make delivery of food items in restaurants at right time. The Butter systems from Sam Brin and Jon Li make a solution for this problem. The butter systems powered android tablets will provide the menu and take orders customers from each table. Thus this service helps to provide best restaurant customer experience on the planet.

Meet Butter systems

Once Sam Brin and his friend Jon Li went out for launch in a restaurant. Sam Brin and his friend became very frustrated in waiting orders. That situation makes them to thinking about a new technology that makes real time ordering system. With help of Sam Brin’s friend Marry Heffernan who is a restaurateur they introduced butter systems after a short while.Butter Sytem team

The customer satisfaction is the main target of every business. The on demand ordering will surely make more business to every restaurant. Once you seated within the table of restaurants the butter systems powered tablets are ready to take orders right from there. These tablets provide fully customizable menu options. So that you can make the orders out of the box even if servers are busy. So that you don’t have to wait any more to order your favorite dish.Butter system features

The color coded kitchen display within the tablets real time updation about each order by table number. It helps the server to fulfill the order at correct time. This service also provides option to add, remove and to modify the menu. So that the servers can make real time change within the menu and can inform the customers about new dishes or available one. So this system will surely change service  model within all restaurants in coming future.