Burning Man Festival Doodle on 1998 August 30

Burning Man festival doodle is the first official doodle released by Google. The event called Burning Man Festival is conducted in United States.  Google released this Burning Man Festival Doodle on August 30, 1998, in the middle of festival. As the name indicates the Burning Man Festival acquired its name as an effigy made of wood is burned on that occasion.

Burning Man Festival Doodle
Burning Man Festival(August 30, 1998)

Google was founded in the year 1998. It’s on this year the Burning Man Festival Google Doodle appeared on the homepage when the Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin were out for the festival. This became a new trend and Google started publishing doodles on special occasions.Today Google have a set of doodlers for designing their doodles and now more than 1000 doodles were out. Google released the Burning Man Festival Doodle by doing little modifications in the usual logo in the home page as including a Stick Figure of Burning Man.

Burning Man festival is celebrated from the last Monday of August and ends with the first Monday of September. The historical root of the beginning of this festival is from Baker Beach where Larry Harvey, Jerry James, and a few friends burned a wooden man of 9-foot and a small wooden dog in San Francisco

As earlier mentioned that the Burning Man Festival Doodle was the first official doodle of Google. The graphic work is simple and there are some little changes in the appearance of Google logo. All other is same as usual Google Beta version home page logo.

Burning Man Festival Doodle history begning
Burning Man (wooden effigy)
( Image Credit: billboard.com)

The remarkable year for the Burning man festival was in 1997,  the event got an attention of almost 8000 audience, but the event seemed like dangerous with some vehicular stuns during the year 1996.

To recreate the traditional way of the festival it is moved to Washoe country from federal BLM land. Due to the effort of Will Roger Peterson and Flynn Mauthe 1998 passed with a success where having no vehicular incidents by the grid layout of city. LLC was announced as nonprofit organization known as “Burning Man Project” by the year of 2011.

The reach of audiences changed from a small group of people during the beginning to almost 49,500 by the year 2008. In 2005 ‘burning Man’ is cover by Current TV channel and this is the first time the event has got the TV coverage.

In 1986 Burning Man Festival was started by a small crew of 20 people and by the year of 2008 the audience changed to almost 50,000. The event is organized with lot of goals such as radical inclusion, gifting,radical self-reliance, radical self-expression, communal effort, participation etc.