New leaked video claims about budget based iPhone

It is long time since we heard about the arrival of budget based iPhone. Today a new leaked video claims about budget based iPhone. There is also a few collection of much rumored cheap iPhone model.

Budget based iPhoneWe started to hear the news of budget based iPhone whenever the dominance of Samsung reached at its peak level by retarding the market of Apple. According to that news tell us that Apple Inc. will shortly announce cheap iPhone to retain its market. But the official confirmation of budget iPhone not yet announced by the Company. The new video and image collection gives believable information about this much rumored iDevice.

The images we got from the source are white colored iPhone. Earlier there are many reports about multi colored budget based iPhone. The cheap iPhone model will have a plastic body. This is how Apple plans to reduce the cost by replacing the aluminum body. But the new model actually has a polycarbonate body. So that the cost of this model won’t be too cheap as we expected.

Upon the look from front side the new model exactly like iPhone5. From the sideways and back it looks like iPod. So we can expect a much thinner model of iPhone. It will have a 4 inch screen. It is similar to that of previously released iPhone 5. The rear shell of this model claims that it will have a LED flash camera. Also the lightning connector and new headphones remains the same.

No other specifications of this model are reported. It is thinks to be budget based iPhone has iOS7. We can expect that it is something like that of mini version of Galaxy SIV. That is not much change from the specifications of flagship phone. If it comes true then it turns to be a good move from Apple to take a chance to retain its lost market value.