British Museum celebrates 255th Anniversary with Google Doodle

Google UK celebrated 255th year of British Museum on 15th January 2014, on Anniversary day. Google doodle on the day portraits the building itself in Google homepage.

British Museum Google Doodle
British Museum Google Doodle(January 15, 2014)

Google Doodle for British Museum doubled the happiness of the record breaking visitors in 2013. In British Museum Google Doodle, we can see image of Center part of Museum included as if it is. To mark the publicity of the building and increasing attraction of visitors, doodle also included people coming with family, friends and parents in it.

During 1753, when the Museum was initially built it included the works of scientist Hans Sloane.  It’s on 15 January 1759, Museum was opened for public and it’s the 255th anniversary of this incident celebrated with Google doodle.

When the museum started in 1753, it was King George II ruler over Britan. Hans Solane gave all his valuable collection to the king and this made the concept of Museum reality. Hans handed over thousands of printed and handwritten books and valuable plants to king. By the  pass of time , new renovations and changes came to the Museum, By beginning of 19th century Museum became the only evidence of  many valuable treasures. British Museum was renovated during this period and now is regarded as one among the finest building in the world.

Today, Museum has grown to a new level. Now the collection of thousands of books and sculptures have grown to millions and billions.  British Museum website has got vast collection of database, more than any Museums all around the world. During initial time there were only 75 visitors for  museum in sing day but now it has grown to above 30,000 visitors per day. Museum had a record breaking visitors of more than 6.7 million in 2013.

British Museum after reaching 255 years of existence, now is the place in the earth one can spend time to know about past culture, tradition, values and the library of Museum includes millions of collections from all over provide all information you want. British Museum is the place completely surrounded by history. We can be privileged, as we are the part of century ready to preserve our past and study from past.