Brazil National Day 2004 Google Doodle

Brazil National Day is celebrated on 7th September. The National Day is celebrated on the date in which Independence of Brazil is declared. Brazil National Day is also called as Sete de Setembro (7th September). Brazil got independence on September 7, 1822 from Portugal.

Brazil National Day 2004 Google Doodle
Brazil National Day 2004 (September 7, 2004)

Brazil National Day 2004 Google Doodle was published on Google Brazil on 7 September to share the happiness of Independence with Brazilians.

The origin of the independence was like this. The start was from 1808, when the French troop conquered the Portugal as they refuse to participate in the trade embargo which is decided to organize against United Kingdom. The French troops are leaded by Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. Due to this unexpected attack for the sake of safety the Portuguese court is initially transferred from Lisbon to Rio de Janeiro. At this time Brazil was the colony of Portugal. So the Portuguese court is later transferred to colonial Brazil. After the transferring of court to Brazil Prince Regent John VI elevated Brazil to the rank of kingdom by generating United Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil and the Algarves and increased the administrative power of country.

In 1820 a political revolution evolved in Portugal as a force to make the royal family to return to Portugal.  But John VI’s heir and prince of Brazil, Pedro I remained in Brazil. According to the decision made by Portuguese Assembly they demanded that Brazil to return to its colonial state and return heir prince to Portugal in 1821.The prince Pedro was very much influenced by Rio de Janeiro Senate and didn’t respond positively to the request given by Portugal on January 9, 1822. The date on which Pedro refused to go to Portugal is known as Stand Day (Dia do Fico).

Brazil National Day
Army Parade in Brazil
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On 1882, September 2 the new decree with the demands of Lisbon reached in Rio de Janeiro at the time when Prince Pedro was in Sao Paulo. At this time the acting princess Maria Leopoldina send her husband an advisory letter to proclaim for Brazil’s Independence. The day the letter reached prince, he declared the independence of Brazil after 322 long years of colonial ruling of Portugal over Brazil. So that was the history.

Independence Day is celebrated with patriotic display like parades and concerts in most of the Brazilian cities. The Independence Day parade is attended by about 30000 people in each year in the presence of President of Brazil with a cost of 1 million reais.