Bozena Nemcova Birthday Google Doodle making us remember ‘Grandmother’

On February 4th, 2009 a doodle appeared on Google homepage. It was to remember the well-known writer Bozena Nemcova on her Birthday. Bozena Nemcova Birthday Google Doodle  included a beautiful picture replacing Google character ‘l’ which make us remember her work Grandmother.

Bozena Nemcova Birthday Google Doodle
Bozena Nemcova Birthday Google Doodle (February 4, 2009)

In the Bozena doodle, to make it colorful designer have included a bunch of flowers in a flower basket. It’s the letter ‘e’ which is replaced by the basket. The entire Google doodle is simple and beautiful with the inclusion of the picture.

Bozena Nemcova was born on 4th February 1820. From the childhood itself she was gone through many variant situations including her marriage. The works that got birth from Bozena’s pen was really unique and distinct. Out of works it’s the novel ‘The Grandmother” which made her world famous.

In the Bozena Nemcova Birthday Google Doodle we can see the grandmother which is the main character of the novel. In the novel which made her famous we can see the life of a girl and grandmother in a beautiful countryside.It is the  life of  author up to an extent.

Bozena Nemcova
Bozena Nemcova

The Grandmother is a well-known story by all Czech citizen. It got birth by the time 1855. Now this is the part of school syllabus in Czech Republic. It was after the death of her son she wrote this beautiful story which marked in the history with golden letters.

Apart from The Grandmother there are many other stories and poems which got birth from her. My Country, famous morning and Czech women are the three poems wrote by her. Path of pilgrimage, four countries, nine crosses, Domestic disease, housekeeper word, a good man, Sisters, peasant policy, tinker, Slovak legends and tails are some of the other important works of her.

By publishing this beautiful doodle in the Google homepage on Czech Republic on birthday of Bozena Nemcova Google honored her and her works which became inspiration for other writers to write beautiful and creative works. There is Bozena Nemcova Museum in Czech Republic in her honor.