Google Bolivia Independence Day 2012 special doodle in flag colors

Bolivia Independence Day 2012 with special doodle , Google welcomed Bolivians. Since 2009 to 2012 Google have come up with beautiful doodles on this day to share happiness of the day.

Bolivia Independence Day 2012 special doodle
Bolivia Independence Day 2012(August 6, 2012)

Bolivia is a country with unique culture and traditions with lots of natural resources. In the Google doodle for the Bolivia Independence Day celebration Google included their postal stamp picture and seal with date inscribed in it. In Bolivia Independence Day 2012 special doodle in flag colors red, yellow and green are used to represent Google logo alphabets.

Divided in to three physiographic regions Bolivia is rich with wide variety of birds, animals and plant life. Naturally gifted water bodies and hilly areas add beauty to the geography of the country. It is the mere determination and effort of the people and government Bolivia declared as country free from illiteracy in the year 2008.

Bolivia Independence- A Brief History

After the establishment of Government Juntas in Sucre and La Paz in the year 1809 Bolivian war for Independence began. In Bolivia during this time many small revolutions and wars took place for gain of Independence till declaration of Independence in 1825. Economic instabilities and conflicts made country stay disturbed during all these years.

Simón Bolívar and Antonio José de Sucre are two leaders who was well known among the Bolivians who lead them for the war of revolutions. In fact Bolivia got its name from Bolívar. It was on the day 6th August 1825 Bolivia was declared as Independent nation.

Celebrations of the Independence Day of Bolivia was similarly good and grand as in all other countries. In Bolivia we can see special parades, flag hoisting functions and other special programs on the day. Bolivia Independence Day 2012 special doodle, Google also wished them the happiness of their national day.