Facebook started to share time to time blog posts on news feed updates

Facebook news feed just like real world. It brings all things related to you at every moment. But most of you never think about how the Facebook news feed brings all these stuffs. Now Facebook started time to time blog posts on news feed updates. They shared first post about new algorithm change within Facebook news feed.

blog posts on news feed updatesOne of the most interesting and impressive thing about Google is they make right sharing about new changes at right time. The blog posts on news feed updates from Facebook helps the user to have sense about what all things appears in front of them in what manner. Facebook debut their new system as ‘news feed FYI blog posts’.

The first ever blog posts on news feed updates shared about Facebook’s new makeover in news feed. First of Facebook news feed stands for delivering right contents to right people at right time. These contents must be reach at the users at right time in right order. So to fulfill the customer satisfaction Facebook wants to bring all the important things to the users.

When Facebook makes a continuous streaming of updates users will surely miss most of them. Also the chronological ordering decreases the numbers of likes and comments to each post. But whenever the news feed get a right idea of whom and to what the people are connected with t can bring only the relevant updates to you. That is when you make more likes and comment with some posts it means that you like to hear from there more.

When you hide something from your news feed it means that you don’t wish to get more updates from there. This factor helps the Facebook to make prioritize the posts and to deliver only the relevant one to youFacebook newsfeed algorithm machine

The signals used by Facebook news feed algorithm
  • How often the user connected with friends, pages and to public figures through different posts and updates.
  • The number of likes, comments and shares received and given to different posts.
  • Hiding and reporting of posts.
  • The way you interact different types of posts in different times.

These signals help Facebook to provide the user an online social home where they found only the relevant matters. It is also to be noted that blog posts on news feed updates from Facebook also helps them to make the relation with the customers even more strong.

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