BlackBerry Messenger for android and iOS arrives on 27th June

One of the great announcements that Blackberry made in this year was their plan to introduce BBM to android and iOS. But they didn’t announce the release date at that time. Now it is confirmed that BlackBerry Messenger for android and iOS arrives on 27th June.

BlackBerry Messenger for android and iOSThe announcement of 200 million trusted BBM for android and iOS became great news for every cellphone lovers. It is one of the most innovative instant massager ever. When it comes to android and iOS it becomes even more popular. Blackberry confirmed the release date of BBM for android and iOS through their official Twitter account.

BlackBerry Messenger for android and iOS

According to the reports the android and iOS users get the few features of BBM at first. The complete availability of whole functionality from this service will provided by Company later. It is coming as time to time updations. New features on this service first of all available within Blackberry 10 platform.

At first the android and iOS gets he features like BBM chat, multi person chat, voice note sharing and Blackberry groups. Through the Blackberry group the members can share photos, videos, and notes between each other. Later they get more updation from Blackberry Messenger. The users can also signup with their valid email ID to get time to time updations for BBM arrival for android and iOS within official site.Blackberry official twitter account

Why Blackberry messenger

  • The users can send the message without having the limitations of character length. It makes an experience of real time conversation. It also helps to convey the complete message at a time.
  • With BBM users gets real time confirmations on whether the receiver gets the messages or not. The service provides instant notification on delivering and reading of messages by the receiver.
  • The BBM users can choose their own display picture at their wish.
  • It shows off the notification of the music that is playing on your Smartphone.
  • The BBM users can add contacts through the scanning of barcodes and PINs. It helps to make the new contacts easily.
  • Through the Blackberry messenger we can share photos, videos, calendar notes, files…Etc.