Animated 85th Birthday Doodle for Milan Rúfus from Google

Slovakian poet Milan Rúfus was honored by doodle on 85th Birthday. Milan is famous as writer, essayist and children’s book author from Slovakia.

Birthday Doodle for Milan Rúfus
Birthday Doodle for Milan Rúfus(December 10, 2013)

This animated Google Doodle in honor of Rufus is designed by guest doodler Peter Uchnar. Design of the doodle includes a green thick forest. Google logo is included in Birthday Doodle for Milan Rúfus’ with trees and its branches. White fairly flying between the branches of trees ascents to the sky.

Milan was nominated for Nobel Prize many times. Social feelings, Slovakian culture, Folk arts was included in his works. Milan also has got great inspiration from artists of the time, their paintings also have become theme for his works. It was in 1940, first work of Milan was published. Moral values of life, happiness, sorrow everything became matter of his work. Milan Rufus first collection o works was out 15 years after his debut work. Originality and creativity was the identity of his works. Milan’s works were translated in to more than 20 languages.

Occasionally, Google come up with special doodle designed by guest doodlers apart from the doodle designing team of Google. This Animated gif doodle by guest designer Peter Uchnar was apt for honoring Milan on his birthday.

Including International Crane Summit Award for poetry 2008, Milan has got many honor and awards during the life time. Milan  died in the year 2011, at the age of 80 on January 11th.